About Us

We opened our doors to the Denton community on December 3, 2014, founded by local businessmen Matt Fisher, Clay Rozell, and Owen Lyon. We partnered with local craftsmen, Jake and Daniel Hayhurst of One Light, to create an artistic and unique ambiance from the trim down to the floor.

We hope you’ll notice the craftsman details, like our leather coasters from Bell and Oak and wooden pie boards from Pastrana Studios, that show our support for the Denton community. In addition to supporting our local community, we are conscious of the ingredients we serve you. We think about the farmers that grow your coffee beans and how the cows that make your milk are treated. We go out of our way to find ingredients that we are proud to serve you.

At West Oak Coffee Bar, we move out of gratitude for people, coffee, and culture.

Another way we support our community is by providing space for local artists to display their work in our shop. If you’re interested in displaying your artwork, send us an email to art@westoakcoffeebar.com.