West Oak Is Headed to Seattle!

This weekend, several members of the West Oak family are in Seattle for the United States Coffee Championships – and one of our baristas is competing in the U.S. Brewers Cup Championship! Earlier this year, Conor Poull competed in a qualifying event and placed in the top twelve. That feat earned him the opportunity to travel to Seattle this weekend to compete with the best baristas in the country for the title of U.S. Brewers Cup Champion.

Conor will be brewing a limited release coffee from our direct trade partners in Colombia at La Palma y El Tucàn. This coffee is a lactic honey processed Gesha varietal: incredibly rare, carefully selected, and processed in a way that showcases the flavorful acidity inherent to the coffee fruit. Brewed as a pourover, this coffee is complex, medium-bodied, and vibrant, with tasting notes of green apple, peach, and a floral tea finish.

To celebrate this amazing coffee, we will be offering it for a limited time as a pourover option at West Oak! Come get a cup this weekend and help us cheer on Conor as he represents us (and Texas!) at the U.S. Brewers Cup!

In the meantime, watch Conor demonstrate his brewing skills for the DFW news team in the video below (or click here for the bigger version):